A downloadable shoot'em up

You have two colored shields to use in the game. The circle around you will absorb like colored bullets, filling the bar on the left. The bar on the left allows you to shoot homing lasers depending on how full it is. Destroying a ship with the same colored bullet will cause it to release a cluster of bullets to absorb. Attacking an enemy with the opposite colored bullet does double damage. Destroying four or more enemies of the same color, and every like colored enemy after that, gives you a point bonus.

The bar on the right is filled by allowing the opposite colored bullet pass through your circle. When the bar on the right fills, it will give you one bomb. Bombs are deployed when you take damage and will save your ship from exploding. 

Check out Arugaki, my homage to Ikaruga and Danmaku Unlimited III. I hope you like it, and let me know what you think! Thank you everyone!

Install instructions

Simply download and install. Supports controllers, although I've only tested it with an Xbox One S controller and Xbox 360 wired controller. Use D-pad to navigate menus, but you can use analog stick for the gameplay. Back resets the game, start pauses. WASD Keyboard controls. D is your standard bullet, S is a concentrated laser beam, A switches polarity, and W is your homing attack.


Arugaki.exe 135 MB

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