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UPDATE: I found a few bugs that need to be fixed, so I needed to take this down for a little bit. It will return soon, and better than before. Thanks for your patience!

*CONTROLS: Keyboard: S (for special), D (for defense), F (for fire), and the arrow keys. R will reset the game back to the title screen, and Escape will exit the game. . Also has controller support, although I've only personally tested it with an Xbox One S controller. Back will restart the game, but there is no button on the controller (currently) that will exit the game completely. Enter on keyboard will pause, as will start on the controller. 

Cyberspace Shoot'em Up is an arcade style shooter and GameMaker Studio 2 lesson in the making. I plan on releasing this as a Udemy course to teach those interested in how to make not one, but four different kind of shmups. Each ship is an homage to a franchise or play style from shooter history. This way, you learn to build four different styles of gameplay under one umbrella. I really hope you enjoy this one level demo. I've worked really hard on it! Please send positive feedback and/or constructive criticism. If you encounter any bugs or crashes, please let me know so I can fix them. Thank you and enjoy! Current build is Windows only. My apologies to anybody left out.

Install instructions

Download the file and follow instructions. It should just be an easy, one time executable file. 


Cyberspace Shootem Up.exe 88 MB

Development log


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looks a very good shoot em up, wheres the download please i would love to play it, thank you :)

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Thank you! It should be working now. I apologize if it isn't. Please let me know. I hope you enjoy the game! I welcome any feedback. Thanks!

I like the stretchy number effect! 😁

Thanks! Yeah, the binary code that you blast out of enemies was one of my favorite aspects of it. I figured that enough people had done space shooters, so I went with a "cyber space" theme, and thought about what kind of enemies you'd fight and what kind of debris and explosions their ships would produce. All the enemies are computer themed, such as the ! ships, the www, and settings icons. The mini boss is a USB drive and the boss is a graphics card. This was really fun to work on, and I plan on doing more with it. I just needed to stretch my legs a little.

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Woah, thanks for downloading and playing my game! I really appreciate it. I'm pretty new to this, and as such I've never really had anybody play test my game. I can already see several things that I need to change. A quick tutorial or screen that shows how to use each ship and a Game Over screen for starters. I also realized that the health bar displays in a weird way. Thanks again for playing and sharing your play through! I hope you had fun with it!